SU-POR implants are manufactured from biocompatible, porous polyethylene. SU-POR Biomaterial allows the internal growth of the tissue due to its interconnected and open pore structure. Thanks to the tight material of the material, it can be shaped by carving with a cutting tool without damaging the pore structure.

SU-POR Biomaterial with block, sheet shape and preformed anatomical shapes are designed for augmentation and restoration in craniofacial applications. Porous materials are particularly susceptible to contamination by both micro-organisms and impurities.

SU-POR Surgical Implants are available in different sizes and sterile to reduce the possibility of contamination during the preparation of the implant prior to surgery.

SU-POR Biomaterial Implants are kept in their protective sheaths until the implant site is prepared. The field of application includes a number of anatomical shapes, layers and blocks including: 

- Preformed implants for chin, cheekbone, lower jaw augmentation and nasal augmentation

- FLEXBLOCK TF, FLEXBLOCK TF2, FLEXBLOCK for Temporal and frontal forming

- Cranial Grid and Pterional Implants

- Reconstructive shapes for surgical and traumatic defects and mycotic ear treatments Layers,

- Fills and edges for orbital floor,

- Enophthalmitis and edge treatment

- Rounds and tapered shapes for enucleation and evisceration

- Blocks and layers for surgeons

Surgeons should utilize appropriate techniques and clinical experience to determine the correct surgical procedure. The selection, shaping, retention, and implantation of SU-POR implants should be based on intact surgical evaluation.

Raw material: Porus polyethylene

Area of ​​Use: Head region